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How many times a day should you apply City Lips to achieve the long term effect? Is one time before bedtime enough?

Apply the treatment a minimum of once a day. City Lips is safe to use as often as desired.

For best results, we suggest applying the treatment at night because this is when the body is rejuvenating and repairing cells. It also is less likely to be rubbed off by talking, eating, drinking etc. You will wake up to plump, intensely hydrated youthful lips!

After the suggested 30 days, how often do you recommend applying City Lips to maintain the long term effect?

We suggest using the treatment once daily to maintain the maximum results. For best results apply the treatment before bedtime. Once you stop applying City Lips, the body will begin to absorb the built up collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

How long does the instant effect last?

Once City Lips is applied, lips swell continually for hours to visibly "fill" lines, and boost volume. The Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Spheres absorb water and begin to swell in minutes and this effect can last several hours. The Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Sphere is then just re-absorbed into the body just like the Hyaluronic acid you naturally have.

Can I wear the treatment over my lip stick?

For best results, apply City Lips to the lips before your lips stick to allow the treatment to be absorbed most effectively. Ā 

How does the long term plumping effect work?

The reason you build more collagen is due to the peptides activation of the natural collagen production. The peptides in City Lips trick the cells to think there is damage to the skin and activates collagen production. CeladrinĀ® stops the body from breaking down this newly formed collagen allowing the build-up

Can I use City Lips if I am pregnant?

Yes, City Lips is safe to use while pregnant or nursing.

How Do I Order City Lips

City Lips is available exclusively online. Hit the order button below and choose your package. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed to give you the average 3mm Plump Good Housekeeping found or we give you all your money back.

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